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CNC Trimming

5 Axis CNC trimming machines up to 3400 x 1400mm.
3 Axis CNC machining up to 3600 x 2000mm.

All supported by our CAD suite for seamless CAD/CAM interchange.

5 Axis CNC

5 Axis CNC

Principally used to trim formings, all of our machines are highly versatile and have multiple tool & dual zone capability.

Our latest machine has linear motors, giving movement speeds up to 15m/s and improved precision contouring accuracy.

3 Axis CNC

3 Axis CNC

The large machining area of 3.6m x 2.0m allows us to nest profiles for maximum yield.

Auto tool change carousel, enables swift changes for minimal down-time.

Principle uses; profile/panel cutting, rebating, chamfering, bullnosing, drilling, countersinking & counter-boring.

With a ‘Z’ axis (vertical) movement of 200mm, this process can also be used to trim component parts.

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