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Vacuum, press, drape & line forming.


We design & deliver innovative solutions, and accept CAD in all common file types .


3 & 5 axis CNC machining, stamping, screen printing, polishing, fabrication & assembly.


From rapid soft tooling for prototypes, to cast and machined production tools from aluminium.

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Some of our services

Plastic thermoforming & fabrication services to industrial manufacturers - typically OEMs. We work closely with a broad range of customers, using advanced CAD software and manufacturing techniques to develop, tool and manufacture good looking and functional technical components for a wide range of applications.


Vacuum forming up to 3 x 1.5m. Drape, press and line forming up to 3 metres.

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Trimming & Assembly

5 Axis CNC trimming up to 3.4 x 1.4 x m. 3 Axis machining up to 3.6 x 2m. Screen printing, aluminium cutting and final assembly.

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CAD Services

Powerful software is used to generate and manipulate CAD models. We also use 3D laser scanning for reverse engineering, a flexible facility that we can deploy in the field, if the project demands.

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What we do

Simply put, we use a range of methods to transform flat sheet into three dimensional parts for many industries.

Our experience of other processes, such as aluminium extrusion, injection moulding and sheet metalwork, enables us to include the benefits of these into many of our projects

We use advanced CAD software and manufacturing techniques to develop, tool and manufacture aesthetic and functional components in many thermoplastics, for a wide range of applications.

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Our Expertise

Complex fabrication assemblies require a diverse range of skills, abilities and processes, and so what we do, makes us different.

  • Vacuum Forming, Line Forming & Press Forming
  • Free Blow & Stamping
  • Stamping & Routing
  • Screen Printing
  • Bonding
  • Polishing & Assembly
  • CAD
  • Tooling
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About J & A Kay

J & A Kay - Professionals in plastics.

Our History

Our History

With a history stretching back to the pioneering 1940s plastic industry, right up to the 21st century technology we use today, you can be sure of a wealth of experience to deliver the forming and fabrication solutions you demand.

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Our Products

Our Products

Our products range from bus doors and dashboards to aircraft rice cooker parts - you would be surprised where we turn up!

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Market Experience

Market Experience

Our work in a multitude of sectors gives us a broad exprerience to draw on, in order to be the innovative and highly skilled company that we are.

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Our Business

To see more of what we do beyond our core plastic forming and fabrication, click on the links to our sister websites..

J&A Kay Ltd

Our Processes & Services

J&A Kay Ltd


Vacuum and atmospheric pressure are used to shape heated plastics. 
Max’ aperture is 3 x 1.5m
Min’ is just 400 x 350mm.

J&A Kay Ltd


We generate 3D CAD models to create trim paths for our CNC trimming machines. This is true of both 3 axis and 5 axis machines.

J&A Kay Ltd


Tooling is critical to the success of any project, whether ‘soft tools’ or aluminium.
Our early input can make all the difference to the success of any project.

J&A Kay Ltd


From a time critical point-of-sale challenge, to assembly including aluminium or steelwork and wiring, our team of fabrication specialists can handle it!

J&A Kay Ltd


We have been manufacturing door systems for over 20 years. Our specialist fields are driver protection and emergency exit, particularly for bus and coach.

J&A Kay Ltd


We use powerful software to design and manipulate models, and accept many file types.
Our 3D laser scanning facility is a particular asset.

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